Our staff have decades of experience in the field of trademarks and related activities. We frequently provide our own insights in such matters. We will ably assist you to acquire, commercialize and safeguard your brands and innovations.

Our lawyers have assisted in the registration of hundreds of trademarks that help to avoid any confusion or brand infringement. Our staff have worked on behalf of a wide range of organizations, from commercial brands to NPOs. It’s also wise to think globally – conducting searches in different markets like the U.S. – before applying for your first trademark. If you wish to file applications in several countries simultaneously, your RLG lawyer will lead a team of attorneys who know how things work on the ground.

Registration Process of a Trademark

There are 6 steps associated with the registration of a trademark, which our professionals are well-versed with. They are: 

Searching for a trademark, preparing the trademark application, prosecution of the trademark application, advertisement of the trademark in an issue of the Trademarks Journal, opposition proceedings (if applicable), and registration. We will keep you updated at every stage, from conducting clearance searches to prosecuting your application, until the application is approved.

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