With a claim limit of $25,000, Small Claims Court can still be daunting. We can represent you or give you advice in defending or prosecuting a claim.

There are a number of advantages for having an experienced Small Claims Court lawyer or paralegal represent you. Even though the processes in the Small Claims Court are simpler than other levels of court, navigating through the procedural requirements can still be challenging, and dealing with the other party will likely be stressful. Having us on your side will encourage a mutually agreeable settlement. And if you choose to proceed to trial, our representation can give you the advantage. We are trained to draw out legal arguments and present sufficient strong evidence.

How can we help?

We can assist you throughout the process. We can draft demand letters, draft the Claim or Defence, fill out forms, correspond with the other side to encourage settlement, represent you at the Settlement Conference, and at trial.

If the amount of the claim at stake is modest, and retaining us for full representation from start to finish is not cost-effective, you might benefit from getting an opinion about your case, advice and explanation of the Court’s procedures, and more limited assistance with any of the steps involved in the litigation.

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