Each province in Canada has its own Provincial Programs (PNP) which nominate individuals interested in living in that province for fast-tracked immigration. We can help you determine which province(s) will most likely nominate you under their PNPs.

There are over 50 different Provincial Nominee Programs to apply for; each program has its own criteria and guidelines that targets precise types of individuals. This allows each province to attract new immigrants that have the precise skills and experience required to meet its local labor market needs. There are programs for healthcare professionals, engineers, university graduates, real estate agents, bakers, business owners, investors, financial services personnel, and many more.

If you succeed in receiving a provincial nomination for a PNP, you get an additional 600 points in the CRS system in the Express Entry process. Because of that great number of points, a nomination will likely lead to a positive decision in your Application for Permanent Residence via Express Entry. It is not easy to figure out which PNP programs you may qualify for. Targeting the right PNP program(s) through Express Entry can significantly increase your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residency. Talk to us to figure out what is right for you.

Am I required to apply through a Provincial Nominee Program in order to immigrate to Canada?

No, you do not have to go through a Provincial Nominee Program in order to immigrate to Canada. The provincial programs present other immigration options for foreigners. These options can be valuable because many of the provincial programs are specific towards certain groups of applicants that you may fall under (for instance, applicants with specific job experience, education, net worth, or language abilities). For this reason, it is worthwhile to consider the provincial programs when deciding how to immigrate to Canada. Speak to us to learn more.


How does the Provincial Nominee Program relate to the Express Entry process?

Through the PNP, provinces and territories select individuals to immigrate based on the province’s labour market needs. For instance, if a particular province has a shortage of plumbers or electricians then it will nominate applicants that have that particular work experience This selection process is completed through the Express Entry system. Keep in mind, candidates can either apply through Express Entry first and then become nominated by a province, or apply to a provincial program first and, once they are selected, proceed to apply through the Express Entry process. Therefore, the two systems work in conjunction with each other


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