We recognize the difficulties that an accident or assault can cause and are here to assist you in managing the legal process and negotiating with insurance companies and other parties involved.

We represent clients in a wide variety of personal injury and fatality matters, including:

  •       Automobile and motorcycle accidents[AA1]        
  •       Pedestrian / vehicle accidents and
  •       Assaults

 We recommend speaking to one of our experienced Personal Injury Lawyers as soon as possible after the accident or assault you suffered. When contacted early we can ensure that pertinent evidence is preserved and facts are recorded. We can also advise you on your available options.

How do Personal Injury Lawyers Bill?

A Personal Injury Lawyer is generally retained on a Contingency Fee Arrangement, which means that the lawyer receives a percentage of your overall recovery at the end of the case.

The advantage of the Contingency Fee Agreement is that you only pay the lawyer at the end of the case once you receive your settlement/ judgment from the Court.

Most law firms charge a standard rate of 33.3% on all cases, depending on complexity. Another option is an hourly rate arrangement, wherein the client pays the lawyer beforehand, according to the number of hours worked on the case, regardless of the result of the proceeding.

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