Canada needs skilled professionals like you! Express Entry is a selection system for Canadian immigration, designed to select skilled workers for permanent residency. It is the most popular immigration Route for foreigners.
Express Entry is a way for the Government of Canada to manage immigration applications like yours. The process chooses candidates who are most likely to succeed in Canada, as calculated through a points system that grades the likelihood of their success in settling and finding work in Canada. Express Entry applies to these Economic Immigration streams:
  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program
    Aimed at professionals, and employees, in many industries, such as engineering, construction, banking, law, medicine, education and many more
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program
    Aimed at persons working in the trades sectors, such as plumbers, construction workers, machine operators, electricians and many more
  • The Canadian Experience Class
    Aimed at persons who have prior work experience in Canada, such as temporary foreign workers or international students in Canada.

The process in brief

In brief, applicants submit an Expression of Interest form to Immigration Canada summarizing their skills and credentials. Following submission, applicants are entered into the Express Entry Pool of individuals with similar career backgrounds. Whether you rank higher or lower in the Pool will completely depend on how you present your initial application.

The highest ranking candidates will periodically be invited to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence. After you receive an Invitation to Apply, we’ll only have 90 days to submit a complete Application for Permanent Residence, which would include documents concerning your finances, medical exams, police records, job references, and many others.

How we will help?

Each of the above steps require preparatory work, and must satisfy certain criteria. We will complete all these steps for you, in order to make sure that there are no mistakes, or inaccuracies, that will cause your application to be delayed or dismissed.

Also, we will advise you on what you need to do in order to improve your ranking in the Pool. If your score is not high enough to succeed, we will layout other immigration options for you.

How may you be sponsored by a Canadian Employer?

One of the more interesting aspects of the Express Entry system is the role that Canadian employers can now play in the immigration process. Employers, who cannot find a suitable Canadian to fill a job position, are able to recruit an individual from the Express Entry Pool of prospective applicants waiting to immigrate to Canada. If a Canadian employer offers you a job, it increases your rank in the Express Entry Pool. In this way, the Canadian employer is sponsoring your application and therefore your file could be fast tracked through the system.

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