Estate Litigation is an emotionally charged area of law. When fights over family estates turn into litigation, you will need a lawyer to help you navigate the process. We take the time to understand how stressful estate disputes are to our clients and their families, and what is at stake for them.
Estate Litigation Lawyers deal with a very contentious area of law. When money and emotions are involved, it is easy for situations to get out of control. We understand that family dynamics need to be addressed with a balance of compassion and hard legal merit. Our Estate Litigation Lawyers will explain the law to you, and your entitlements. We will then help you make a good decision on how to proceed.

Acting for Estate

When acting for an estate, our lawyers act in the best interest of the estate. We are usually retained by the executor/ administrator/ personal representative of the estate. This includes:

  • Defending claims from people who have not been included in the estate
  • Defending claims for increase shares in the estate by dependents, and other beneficiaries
  • Defending interpretations of provisions in the will
  • Defending how the assets of the estate are being managed or will be divided
  • Pursuing people who have taken assets of the estate without authorization or consent
  • Ascertaining the validity of a will

Acting for Beneficiaries

When we act for a beneficiary, our lawyers usually have to deal with the following issues:

  • Appealing how assets were distributed
  • Helping to secure a specific asset for a specific beneficiary
  • Claiming an increased interest in the estate due to dependency
  • Appealing the management of funds of the estate

Acting for third parties

When our Estate Litigation Lawyers act for third parties to an estate it usually involves:

  • Acting for individuals, who have been left out of or cut from the will
  • Acting for family members, when a will was changed just before the death of a testator
  • Ascertaining the validity of a will

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