Probate lawyers (also called Estate Administration Lawyers) help you with the steps required to finalize an estate. Usually, the executor or executrix of a Will does this. During probate, the assets or property of someone who is deceased are given to the beneficiaries named in the Will.

Probate lawyers make the probate application for you. Probate proves the validity of the will, confirms the last valid will and decides who controls the estate. Probate in Ontario gives everyone involved in the estate certainty that the last wishes are being followed. If there is no will, a similar but different process is followed. The finalizing of an estate can be a long process. At a minimum, probating an estate can take three or four months. For complicated estates with many beneficiaries, the process can take over a year. Get the legal help you need in order to successfully navigate the estate administration process.

What is the consequence of probating an estate?

There are important things to know when dealing with the property of someone who has died. Until the surrogate court grants an order for probate, no one has the legal right to act for the estate. Probate protects the executor by getting permission / authorization to act on behalf of the estate. During the process, executors are allowed to be paid for their work. Without taking all the proper legal steps the executor can be held personally liable.

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