Our team collectively boasts of many years of experience with all forms of business entities and NPOs. Our extensive experience in dealing with all types of businesses makes us qualified to meet the unique needs of each business client in all types of commercial transactions

Commercial transactions, such as signing a contract, lending money, or buying shares or a business, are serious undertakings. They put your investment and property at risk, and incur a range of legal obligations. We are experienced in studying and advising on business transactions, in order to clarify the legal and business risks for you. We list below some of the common commercial transactions that we advise on. Apart from those, we provide legal counsel in all other types of commercial transactions. Feel free to contact us for a free Initial Consultation.

Examples of Commercial Transactions we advise on:

Purchase and Sale of Businesses

We advise on how best to structure the sale of a business and explain all of the legal, tax and other implications in choosing an asset or share type of sale. We also advise on the purchase agreements.

Shareholders Buyouts

To prevent the entry of an unwanted entity into your corporation, we advise shareholders on preparing a buyout agreement to prepare for such contingencies.

Financing Arrangements

This includes services for reviews of loan agreements, drafting lending contracts, and strategic planning of funds investments.

Joint Venture Arrangements

We clarify information about the purposes, structure and operational rules of your joint venture, and draft matching contracts.

Developing Corporate Policies

Our specialised corporate services team can draft your corporate policies that may involve identifying needs, gathering information, drafting, and reviewing policies.

Developing Tax Plans

We expertly provide logical analysis of any financial situation or plan from a tax perspective, and align financial goals with tax-free efficiency planning.

Personal Property Security Act Issues

The Personal Property Security Act of 1990 says that if you are holding goods as collateral, you must immediately transfer the ownership to yourself to protect your interest. Our lawyers are adept at navigating this system, to protect your interests.

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